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Inroad Playtape Classic Rail (2 inch x 30 feet)

Inroad Toys

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PlayTape® - Fun that Sticks!™

Printed to look like a railroad track, PlayTape Classic Rail Series is a roll of removable tape that’s perfect for playing with toy trains like Thomas the Tank Engine®, BRIO®, and Melissa & Doug®. PlayTape Classic Rail Series is directly to-scale compatible with these most common wooden train tracks. PlayTape is the fastest way to lay down rails for imaginative play, display, or decoration. Make instant train tracks, anytime, anywhere!

PlayTape has been specifically designed to bring hours of imaginative entertainment at minimal cost and maximal convenience. With a single roll of PlayTape Classic Rail Series, you can create a railroad or a whole network of tracks. Use the toy trains you already have to ride on PlayTape. Use the blocks and toy buildings you already have to build a town through which PlayTape rail traffic flows. Create places real or imaginary. The possibilities are as endless as the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Everyone loves tape. Now you can legitimately play with it. Drive on!


  • Ideal for laying down RR track for playing with toy trains (especially those with wheels made for wooden tracks)
  • Sticks to any flat surface
  • Easy-tear, made of paper, no scissors required
  • Repositionable – mistake proof!
  • Easy removal, leaves no residue
  • Ideal for children of all ages 3+, including adult hobbyists
  • Imagination-centric, with no batteries, no electronics, and no screens
  • Easily stored and transported. Take fun everywhere!
  • Toxin-free, disposable, and recyclable
  • 100% made in the USA
  • U.S. Patent Pending

30’ long, 2” wide, wooden train scale, rails 25mm center-to-center

Design is of a railroad track with wooden RR ties.

Perfect for playing with hand-propelled toy trains of all kinds. Exactly compatible with and designed to-scale for the most popular wooden trains (e.g., Thomas & Friends®, BRIO®, and Melissa & Doug®). Compatible with and adjoins to Classic Rail Series Curves.



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