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For Rent: FeelFux Skill Set


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  • Price shown is for 3 weeks rental period. [Before you rent]
  • A Flux designed for tricks. Find endless fun in pulling off awesome tricks with this brand new type of skill toys!
  • Skill Flux is made of an aluminium alloy that allows just the perfect ball-speed. It's a bit faster than the copper version thus has the perfect dynamics while playing.
  • Skill Flux is designed so you can stack up two or more cylinders for special tricks or for a longer ball-slowing experience.
  • The package contains one ultra-strong magnet ball, two Skill Flux tubes (custom set of 2 colours: Snow White & Deep Red)
  • ***Warning*** Keep the ultra-strong magnet ball at least 30cm (1 feet) away from any electronics and other devices. Refer to image 3 for more details. 


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