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For Rent: Brixo Lego Compatible Electronics Bricks


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  • Price shown is for 3 weeks rental period. [Before you rent]
  • BRIXO chrome-coated connector blocks conduct electricity. Their unique design enables adjacent bricks to conduct currents in any direction via patented small elastic arms.  
  • With bricks that can be triggered by sound, light, touch and the entire world of IoT, there isn’t much you CAN’T do. You can set your phone's alarm clock to only shut off when you build a pyramid. Or you make a treat dispenser that gives your pup a treat every time he goes to his crate when there’s a knock at the door. Or help your kid build a nightlight that turns on when he says "heebeejeebee".  And that’s just what our crew did, you’ve probably got a few ideas of your own.

  • You can even use it to replace high end automated IoT processes, like setting your Nest profile and turning on all your smart home devices just by hanging up a BRIXO keychain on a BRIXO board by the door.  The possibilities are pretty much endless.

  • Our all new Standard Kit includes a battery case (without Bluetooth), 1 Motor Brick, 2 White LEDs, 1 Proximity Sensor, 1 Sound Sensor, 1 Light Sensor, 1 Logo Magnet, One 2x2 Magnet brick, Ten 1x2 bricks, Six 2x2 bricks, Sixteen 1x4 technic bricks, Eight 2x2 corner bricks, One 8x16 Raised surface brick, Twelve Gear Accessories (cogs, wheels, axels etc.), One pocket screwdriver, Two crocodile cables. 64 pieces total



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