Flexo Mini Build - Glow in Dark Spaceball


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The Flexo GID (Glow In Dark) Space Ball Pack is a bite sized introduction to the world of Flexo. Use the included Flexo Bricks to create an awesome glowing space ball that you can play with in the dark!

Kick and throw, decoration for your bricks builds, or treasure hunting, the choice is yours! The Space Ball pack also makes a great little gift for kids and the whole family.. The Flexo GID Space Ball Mini-build Foilbag includes: • 24 Pieces (12x bricks and 12x T19 Tendons). Everything is included but in case you wanted to add some decorations, our bricks are 100% compatible with major brick brands. 12x Flexo Square Bricks, 12x T19 GID Tendons, Instructions



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