ToysTribe - Flexo Building Bricks - Premium Pack (Grey)

Flexo Building Bricks - Premium Pack (Grey)


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The Flexo Premium Pack is great for families and gives you the tools to go wherever your ‘Flexomagination’ may take you. With three hundred of each size of Flexo Brick, there’s enough Flexo for everyone. You’ll be able to build on a larger scale and create dynamic models with flowing lines like the Flexo Fish.

The Flexo Premium Pack comes in a convenient storage box with compartments to keep your bricks and tendons organised. The pack contains:

  • 300 Flexo bricks (2x2) 
  • 300 Flexo bricks (2x4) 
  • 450 Flexo Tendons (size1) 
  • 450 Flexo Tendons (size2) 
  • 450 Flexo Tendons (size3) 
  • 450 Flexo Tendons (size4) 
  • Stainless Steel Insertion Tool 
  • Instruction sheet
  • Storage box/organiser

Available in your choice of orange or grey bricks. Flexo is 100% compatible with major brands of construction bricks.

What is Flexo?

  • Bounce, flex, bend, wrap or wear – the choices are seemingly endless. Flexo uses a unique rigid construction brick and flexible tendon that allows you to truly flex your imagination and create designs you never thought possible.
  • Flexo is 100% compatible with traditional and current brick brands and will be the ultimate expansion pack to your brick collection.
  • The Flexo tendons have a full range of movement from flat to 180 degrees
  • The Flexo tendons have four different lengths offering very flexible to near rigid movements


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