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At ToysTribe, we believe that children should be able to do what they do best – play. But not with just anything, because not all toys are made equal. Ideally, toys should help children retain their curiosity, encourage them to be eager learners and develop them into innovative problem-solvers. Above all, toys should be fun.

To enable your kids to learn through play, we provide access to a diverse selection of high-quality open-ended toys, which can be delivered to your doorstep with little hassle and at affordable prices.

Designed to bring out and grow the exceptional talents that reside within each child, our toys challenge children to work with their hands, gain knowledge that cannot be achieved through didactic learning in the classroom and keep their minds open to what is possible by feeding their active imaginations.

With our rental and try-and-buy service, you would be able to engage their short attention spans with a rotation of open-ended toys that would grow with them without cluttering up their play spaces. This is the smarter, more sustainable alternative to the inevitable and expensive process of children grow out of their playthings.

At ToysTribe, we believe that parents should stay in the equation even as we endorse child-led learning. We will help you create a conducive environment where your child can play to learn, with your participation, guidance and support.






Based in Singapore, Wai Keong and Li Ting are parents of four who enjoy spending time playing with the kids. With plenty of first-hand experience in interacting with young children, they understand the importance of play in their learning. With ToysTribe, they hope to demonstrate the relationship between open-ended toys and inventive children and to help more parents unearth the hidden potential of their little ones.





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