ToysTribe - Flexo Creator Set, 1200 pieces

Flexo Creator Set, 1200 pieces


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– 300x Flexo Bricks in your choice of our Brights Palette (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Orange), Neutrals Palette (Black, Brown, Dark Grey, Tan, and Light Grey), or a combo of both. Split evenly across our four shapes (Equilateral Triangle, Circle (2×2 round with axle hole), Square (2×2), and Rectangle (2×4))
– 3x Standard Tendon Sheets, Glow in the Dark Tendon Sheets, or a combo of both (900 Tendons)
– Flexo Multitool
– Inspiration Page

Creators are a special breed of person. They dream and bring things into existence. The Creator Set makes those dreams a reality and allows you to have complete customisation over what your Set is made of. 



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