ToysTribe - Pinblock Fusion Jet (Red)

Pinblock Fusion Jet (Red)


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  • 900 pieces of Pinblock Building Toy included (Dark Red, Silver, Black and White)
  • Includes a 2 in 1 Fusion Jet Spaceship building instruction book
  • Perfect for younger age
  • Strongly designed, solid model
  • Fusion Jet is the all loved two in one set. By following the manual, at about 90% completion you can make a choice to either make a Jet or a Vehicle. Both models are constructed from identical pieces so you would be able to interchange your design or give both a try without starting from scratch. Fusion jet is a strongly designed, solid model that will be very durable to various activities. This model would be perfect for younger age because it will withstand a lot more active fun time.


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